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Cowboys Chasing Christ
Ministries, Inc.
14312 17th Street 
Dade City, FL  33523
Ph: (352) 518-1191

~  Worship Services  ~ 

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved -  Acts 16:31

Our church family welcomes all to visit....
The Turning Point craves God's presence to fill His house.  Join us in an atmosphere that is motivating, uplifting and powerful.  We are a spirit-filled church family on fire for God - Praising God and showing our love to Him for all He's done and will do!  The Truth (God's Word) is preached from Genesis to Revelation; never watered-down nor sugar-coated!!  PRAISE & WORSHIP will lift you and God's Word will move you!!!

  All are WELCOME!!!  
The Turning Point 
14312 17th Street
Dade City, FL  33523
(one block North of Meridian)

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning


Sunday Worship @ 10:30 AM
Wednesday Worship @ 7:00 PM
Sunday Bible Study @  9:00 AM
~ Bible Study hosted in Fellowship Hall ~

Cool  There is only  one-way  to heaven Cool

Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY!!!